What’s Wrong With My Plant? Book Review

What’s Wrong With My Plant? (And How Do I Fix It?)

Learn how to become a plant doctor – No Ph.D. required is the selling pitch on the cover of this new book. The irony of this statement is that this book is written by a Ph.D. But it certainly doesn’t read like an academic book. It is a hands-on, practical book that will be a big help with identifying and deciding on a course of treatment for many plant problems in any garden.

Co-Author David Deardorff is a plant pathologist and botanist who lives and gardens in Port Townsend, Washington. Kathryn Wadsworth is a naturalist who shares her love and gardening and the outdoors through writing and photography. Although the authors hail from the Northwest, the garden problems they describe are pretty much universal across the continent.

Good books to help serious gardeners and Master Gardeners identify

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